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Azienda Agricola Camparo

Camparo organic wines

In our philosophy, the land is an essential, active part of our family.
Maintaining the wellbeing of the land and the vineyard obliges us to maintain a responsible lifestyle for our own sake, and for the sake of the consumer, the environment and by extension the whole planet.

The wellbeing of the consumer is an absolute priority, and should be pursued in every possible way, from grape to glass.

This goal drives us in our choice to continue our family’s tradition of always practising organic farming methods. Camparo is a family-run business, which means that we carry out all the processes ourselves, and are responsible for the entire chain of production, from the vineyard to bottling. We work in close contact with the land, respecting its properties and seasonal nature.

We know the vineyards, and tend to them with the utmost devotion.

Producing organic wines means first of all having cast-iron discipline in both the vineyard and the winery, and we follow strict production regulations to the letter.
All synthetic products are banned from organic vineyards: fertilizers, and treatment and winemaking products must be of natural origin.

Our wine reflects our philosophy of life.
Our aim has long been to respect the natural habitat of the vine and all the physiological phases in the plant’s development over the seasons.



Azienda Agricola Camparo


Our organic method in the vineyard

• soft Guyot pruning, benefiting the natural growth of the vine
• squeezing by hand, selecting the best canes
• summer pruning
• cleaning between the rows using mechanical means
• protection treatments: copper (a reduced amount), powdered sulphur, natural organic products
• harvest: picking by hand into boxes
• sowing of green manuring plants to help the growth of the organic substance that will feed the soil and attract diseases and pests to themselves rather than the vine (plants sown: field beans, peas, rape, mustard, rocket, sweet vetch, barley, oats).

The same discipline is applied in the cellar, because once the grapes have been preserved it is the process that makes sure the health of the consumer is safeguarded.



Azienda Agricola Camparo


Our organic method in the winery

• crushing of the grapes
• fermentation in controlled-temperature stainless steel tanks
• use of native yeasts
• very long fermentations of 15 days or more for all the red wines. Barolo: fermentation lasting for up to a month, punching the cap down to completely submerge the skins in the liquid (the old traditional method)
• storage in the cellar in special tanks. For the red wines, maturing in casks of French oak holding 25 hl or in barriques (2nd - 3rd fill). We prefer to use large casks so that the wood does not cover the typical bouquets and flavours of our wines (e.g. the floral and fruity aromas that emerge more strongly in organic farming)
• bottling using natural corks
• cellaring before release - almost always for a longer time than conventional standards - in the most appropriate bottle for each type of wine

Agricoltura biologica



Our wine farm is certified as Organic
Controlled by: ECOGRUPPO ITALIA - control body authorized by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policy IT BIO 008, controlled operator no. V723.