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Azienda Agricola Camparo

About us

Gentle slopes, vineyards laid out in neat geometric patterns, sweeping orchards of hazels, a brightly-coloured landscape, a history of hard work and resolve on a highly-prized, fertile land moulded by generations of skilful farmers.
We are in the Langhe in Piedmont, home to wines, hazelnuts and great wine and food traditions, in a land worked by vignerons with courage and patience.
Azienda Agricola Camparo is to be found at the heart of this extraordinary terroir, where three generations have written the story of a successful family business grounded in the organic growing of wines and hazelnuts.
Every farming concern has its roots in its environment and its most material - and at the same time poetic - element: the land. The Drocco family estates stretch out over hills in the villages of Diano D’Alba, La Morra and Grinzane Cavour, in the very finest areas in the Langhe.
The winery’s headquarters in Diano D’Alba are located just 10 km from Alba, the administrative centre of the Langhe and the capital of Piedmontese wine and food.
As well as geography and area, land also means precise properties which contribute - one by one, and all together - to defining the power, bouquet, personality and taste of each of Camparo’s wines.
The position of the vineyards with their south to south-easterly aspect and the clayey-calcareous soil ranging from Sant’Agata to Sant’Andrea fossil marl provide excellent conditions for the growing of long-lasting organic wines with great structure.
The varieties grown for three generations here, in the very best wine-making traditions of the Langhe and Piedmont, produce great reds - Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbera - along with fresher wines such as Dolcetto and the white Favorita.

In Camparo’s wines you can sense all the aroma, body and character of the Langhe, and of a land farmed with passion and understanding, following the directions that only nature can provide.



Camparo have been dedicated to wine-growing for three generations, and they do it with passion, following a production philosophy that has always been founded on the values of natural management of the soil and the uncompromising wholesomeness of the winemaking process.
At the beginning, in the ‘40s, the wine was sold in bulk, as used to be common practice in those days. Then in the ‘80s Mauro followed in his grandfather’s and father’s footsteps when he took up vinegrowing.
Though he was still young, he was very clear in his mind about what he wanted to do with the family business, and the real story of Camparo can be said to have begun in the ’90s, when Mauro took over the reins of the winery and established its character and philosophy.
First-of-all he started selling the family’s organic wine throughout Italy; then in the mid 90s he broadened the production by purchasing a plot of land in Grinzane Cavour growing Nebbiolo grapes to produce Barolo wine.
The organic process has always been a distinguishing feature of production at Camparo, which followed a natural approach to the land and winemaking before organic even existed as a category.

In the year 2000 Mauro harnessed these intrinsic values by taking the major step of obtaining “organic farming” certification and becoming one of the first in the Langhe to opt for this production philosophy.

A production process which adheres strictly to organic principles and the production of organically-certified wines and hazelnuts means many things: respect for the environment and for the land, a guarantee for the consumer of quality and ethics, and enormous added value for the Camparo brand.


Azienda Agricola Camparo


Today’s challenges

The secret of the success of this family business lies today in continuing to draw on tradition, whilst always looking to the future and being ready to engage openly with the challenges of our times.
Indeed, the latest generations have introduced the awareness that investment in technology, business processes, marketing and communication, and fostering internationalization are as fundamental to growth in a global market as the value of the wine production.
The changes implemented are of considerable significance: a larger, more technological winery, the expansion of the estate’s land, with the acquisition of a plot in La Morra to increase the production of Barolo, the introduction to the range of a new wine, the “Classic Method Sparkling Wine ”, and a complete restyling of the labels.
The most recent major innovation in marketing was the setting up of the Diwinexport Consortium in 2014 to improve the sales network for Camparo’s organic wines abroad, and create synergy among smaller wine cellars with a view to greater sharing and cooperation.

Consorzio Diwinexport



The Diwinexport Consortium
The consortium was created in 2014 with the aim of giving small wine farms more opportunity on international markets. As of today, it brings together 12 Italian cellars which have in common a deep respect for their own particular geographical and local distinguishing features. The philosophy the consortium is based on is the creation of value in every single step in the vineyard and the winery. Value expressed in terms of terroir, environment, human resources, hard work, and the amazing diversity offered by beautiful rural landscapes.



Future projects

The Camparo story started out from dedication to the land and the tending of its fruits, and has been carried forward by a drive for constant development to guarantee the highest standards of quality.
Sara, Alberto and Alessio represent the future of the business, and on the strength of their family experience, and inspired by the passion passed on by their parents, they devote themselves every day to continuing the production of Camparo label organic wines.
In the future, Camparo wants to be closer to consumers, and more readily accessible with a clearer, more comprehensive web presence putting across renewed enthusiasm for telling its story.
Above-all though, the aim is to shorten distances, and meet face-to-face with Camparo wine enthusiasts.

Tasting in the vineyard
This has inspired our new “tasting in the vineyard” project, dedicated to opening up to and welcoming all wine lovers in the Langhe and Piedmont. The wine farm will be transformed into a choice place of hospitality and meeting, where it will be possible to enjoy a complete sensory experience, with tastings, moments of relaxation, and walks and tours in the vineyard and the cellar.
Somewhere visitors can make discoveries, tastings and encounters.
Discovering the details and secrets of one of the oldest and most fascinating crafts in the world, with the chance to meet the growers and find out about all the steps involved in making Camparo’s organic wines.
Encountering a land and its vineyards, taking a walk amidst the rows of vines, savouring the aromas of this prized terroir and enjoying the poetic natural beauty of this Piedmontese gem.
Tasting the wines, hazelnuts and other seasonal, local products that make the Langhe a synonym for excellence throughout the world.



Azienda Agricola Camparo


Corporate philosophy

The entrepreneurial history of this family-run business epitomizes values such as ethics, ecology, transparency, responsibility.
Camparo’s strength lies in producing high quality organic wines using processes that have minimal impact on the environment, respecting the seasonal nature and characteristics of the land, and only drawing on natural techniques.
By extension, this means a production philosophy that entails respecting consumers and giving importance to health with a view to protecting food safety.

The personality of a Camparo wine is palpable on your first sip: the character of the Langhe, a long-standing family tradition, and the fragrance of a wholesome, natural product.